Anti-Condensation Heater

Product Description

VITAR Anti-condensation heaters series are made with high quality material and reliable designs.
There are 2 fundamental applications laid under this simple yet highly important heater.
1) It is to maintain a stable temperature for an electrical enclosure where its electrical components is
     free from condensation by keeping the internal temperature at stable controlled ambient temperature.
2) It is to control temperature inside the electric enclosure a few digress above surrounded ambient temperature 
    and dew point. Thus, it would eliminate condensation of moisture (vapour) that trap inside the enclosure.


With vitreous enamelled resistor element
High temperature powder coated on metal casing to prevent corrosion
High temperature ceramic connector applied which is inflammable to resist overheat issue.
Can be switched to 60W or 80W at 240V for model VI-AJ-103
Fixed high power 120W at 240V for model VI-AJ-120
Easy and simple to install
Space saving
High temperature ceramic connector applied which is inflammable to resist overheat issue.
Excellent heat efficiency - without blocking of casing that reduce heat wastage.
Best quality mica insulation is used ensuring high dielectric strength and maximum heat transfer.
Specially treated sheath material resist oxidation and enhance thermal conductivity.
Wattage can be customized to fit various applications.


Low cost and high efficiency


Standard models as followings;


Normally on the back or bottom plate of the enclosure panel box with resistor in a horizontal position.


High quality metal sheath, high temperature resistance wire, advanced process mechanism and highly skilled labour would ensure production of high quality heaters.